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Your Questions

Q: I live in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle etc., will you still be able to represent me?

A: Yes. Pi Law Direct has offices in London from which our barristers provide services to clients across England and Wales. Most of the work we do will be by telephone, email or letter, but if we need to meet with you that can either be done at your home (wherever that may be), at our offices or some other convenient location.

Q: I work 8am-6pm every day and don’t have time to deal with lawyers during the day, is that a problem?

A: No. Whilst traditional law firms keep traditional hours, at Pi Law Direct we understand that after an accident life goes on and you don’t always have time to speak to lawyers during the day. We will agree how and when it is best to contact you. This may mean that we correspond by email or letter only or alternatively that we arrange to speak in the evening or weekend. We pride ourselves in being accessible and available!

Q:Will it cost to call/write to you?

A: No. Our telephone line is free and if we need you to send us any documents we will provide a stamped addressed envelope.

Q: Why do Personal Injury Lawyers now take up to 25% of damages as part of their costs?

A: In April 2013 the government changed the way in which Personal Injury claims were funded. In doing so they significantly cut the amount of costs that the lawyer can recover from the defendant, in some cases by over 80%. There are various reasons why this occurred, one of which is that Personal Injury legal work is being brought into line with many other areas of law so that the cost of litigation is shared between the claimant (you) and the defendant (whom you are claiming against). As a result, in order to ensure that we can afford to operate and provide a first class service, it may be necessary, as suggested by the government, to take a small proportion of damages to cover our costs.

Q: Why should I use Pi Law Direct?

A: Pi Law Direct is the first (and to our knowledge, only) law firm run exclusively by barristers. This means that from day one your case will be overseen by a highly experienced barrister. In almost all traditional practices, your claim is ‘handled’ by legal executives or solicitors and then when it comes to the crunch a barrister is instructed to advise. Key decisions, including the decision as to whether a case has enough merit to proceed, are made by barristers. At Pi Law Direct, a barrister is involved on day one and will remain involved with your case until it is finished, if necessary representing you at court. One barrister from start to finish.

Barristers are seen as the ‘experts’ of the profession. As such we believe we will be able to provide a better service than other firms and make sure we get the right result for you.

Q: How do I take my claim forward from here?

A: Our National FREEPHONE contact number is 0800 999 4529

Alternatively you can email us at

We look forward to being able to help you!

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